California’s Great America Haunt 2017 Review

California’s Great America Halloween Haunt has opened for the 2017 Season! CGA has one of California’s best mazes and have several changes in store this year. The sets are once again great, and the overall theming is top notch! Here our our opinions on each maze, with a rating scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest.


Toy Factory was one of my favorite mazes this year. This maze has always been and continued to be quite long, which can be good or bad depending on content and actors present.  With IT coming out recently, this haunted house fit perfectly into a Haunt type of night. The theme is certainly clownish, and the previously okay sets have been expanded upon, including some mirror hallways and create a bear workshops, Toy Factory has certainly benefited from additional investment, and it remains a top 3 maze in my book. Overall Rating: 9/10


Cornstalkers was heavily retrofitted for this year’s Haunt compared to last year. This is one of the longest mazes at Haunt. One of the biggest draws of the maze was how isolated and alone you feel, and with the location of the maze, you feel like you’re the only one in the park. This corn maze is so claustrophobic that it can be difficult to determine if you’re navigating through tall cornstalks or a wall of terrifying fiends blending seamlessly into your surroundings. Overall Rating: 8.50

Chaos House is a maze that is meant to trick and mess with your senses. Mayhem and madness have taken over, and pandemonium reigns supreme in Chaos House. First, you’ll start feeling confused, then disoriented and eventually you’ll find yourself going in circles over and over again, trying desperately to figure out which way is which. This was my favorite maze because I legitimately got lost and  disorientated from the fog and mirrors everywhere. The best part was the strobe lights flashing making everything seem like it was in slow-motion. Overall Rating: 9.5

Zombie High is a returning maze that’s been around for several years. Nothing notable has changed with the high school atmosphere including going through the library, gym, locker room and the theater. My favorite part was in the theater where an actor used some kind of bungee to jump out of the theater screen and jump scare people. Overall Rating: 8

Roadkill Roadhouse is a restaurant themed set in which you are the entree. This delicious restaurant is loaded with ribs, steaks and more. However, rumor has it that what is in front of you may actually be fine human flesh. Blood and gore abound as Roadkill Roadhouse’s staff continually prey on the innocent who are simply looking for a nice dinner out with friends. Throughout the maze, everyone looks at you and how they can kill you and make you food. It is an awesome atmosphere for sure! Overall Rating: 8.75

Backwoods is a maze that is set in a resort in a country setting. With alligators, mermen, broken boats and lagoons, I would rank the scenery the best out of all the mazes here. The detail is meticulous in this maze and it shows how much time the production team spent making this maze. In terms of length, it is roughly the 4th longest maze, which comes in at an average length. Something sinister is going on at the Backwoods Hunting Resort and Spa. Set deep in a creepy swamp, Backwoods is a place for the hunting elite to poach animals and satisfy their thirst for blood. The skins and carcasses of deer, snakes and crocodiles are all around, stuffed to look lifelike forever.Overall Rating: 9.25

Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor is essentially your classic haunted house. The theme is simple, and deals with voodoo, and a crazed madame. The terror begins immediately upon entering the hallways and bedrooms of Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor, which have been littered with those she has turned into zombies and the remnants of those she simply murdered for pleasure. Her grand ballroom’s chilling organ calls out with haunting hums. Madame Marie has even set a delectable table for you to join her, but her goal may be to actually have you for dinner. Overall Rating: 7

Wax Museum: Chamber of Horrors has always been one of our favorite mazes. The idea of a haunted wax museum in which you have to figure out whether or not the figures are fake and which are not is fantastic. You see all sorts of characters spanning across history from Cleopatra, to Jack the Ripper, to Al Capone. Overall Rating: 8.5


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